Digital vs. Traditional Locks: Know Before You Call a Mobile Locksmith

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Most conventional door locks at your house or business are traditional locks. A “traditional lock” is typically a mechanical lock, which is open with the turn of a metal key. However, although a traditional mechanical lock was not the first type of lock invented, it is probably the type of lock you are most accustomed to. Lock technology has come a long way, and if you are ready to increase the safety and security of your home or business, consider upgrading to a newer, more state-of-the-art variety of locks.

If you are ready to upgrade the locks throughout your home or business, look to a Denver locksmith with the knowledge to recommend a new digital or smart lock and the tools and expertise to install any other type of lock: First Choice 24-Hour Locksmith.

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Introduction to Lock Systems

The traditional door lock, which features a lock and key, was first invented in the late first century between 870 and 900. However, locks in different forms have been used to protect valuable belongings for at least the last 6000 years! These first locks were called pin and tumbler locks and were very simplistic and, unfortunately for the ancient Egyptians, very easy to break or access.

Most commercially-available locks, as we understand them today, can be grouped into five different categories:

  • Lever and knob locks. Most interior knobs, including the knobs that open and close your bathroom and bedroom doors, are level and knob locks. These are lighter-weight locks that are ideal for interior use.
  • Cam locks. The lock on your filing cabinet, small indoor home safe, and desk drawers are typically cam locks. These are also lightweight locks with a cylinder and key with a small latch called a cam.
  • Deadbolt locks. The deadbolt is the lock most traditionally used to secure a home or business’s exterior doors. The components of the deadbolt, including the metal bolt and strike plate, are more heavy-duty, meaning they are strong enough to prevent forced entry often and are an inexpensive option to secure your home and property.
  • Padlocks. If you’ve ever had a school locker, you are familiar with padlocks. These simple mechanical locks feature a combination; the numbers must be entered correctly to access the lock.
  • Electronic locks. The inner workings of most electronic locks are similar to traditional mechanical locks. What makes them more unique and safer, the locking systems are accessed with a fingerprint scan, scanner, electronic keypad, or even your smartphone, rather than a physical key.

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The Evolution from Traditional to Digital

The first digital door locks were a variety of access control system and was invented in the 1970s. Access control systems typically feature cards as locks; chances are, each time you access your hotel room on vacation, you are enjoying access control technology! Early inventors of residential digital door locks had one goal in mind: Finding a more accessible, safer, and more effective way to protect the average family home.

Throughout the 1980s and after the invention of the internet, new digital technologies began popping up, and engineers started finding new and inventive ways to unlock a door. For example, after access controls, one of the earliest digital locks used facial recognition, voice recognition, voice activation, pin codes, and biometric scanning to open doors. These early locks were expensive and often only utilized by massive businesses and upscale homes.

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Understanding Traditional Locks

Traditional door locks are still the most commonly used door locks throughout America – and for several good reasons. For example, mechanical locks are more inexpensive. If you need to replace several locks throughout your home or business, installing traditional locks requiring physical keys is more financially feasible. You can also make extra keys for your mechanical locks, allowing you and your family members in the household easy access to your home.

The Mechanics of Traditional Locks

Although most associate opening a traditional mechanical lock with a key, a mechanical lock can be accessed when the release mechanism is tripped. Most traditional locks feature three key components:

  • Bolt. The long piece of metal that extends out of the lock and into the door frame is called the bolt. The length and width of the bolt can vary depending on the type of lock. Deadbolts, which much be opened with a key, and spring action bolts are the two common bolts.
  • Box. The portion of your front door lock that sits in the frame is called the box. The box is often the most overlooked but one of the most crucial parts of the entire lock.
  • Cylinder. The cylinder is the outer portion of the lock that houses the keyhole, pins, and lever necessary to open the door.

A pro from First Choice 24-Hour Locksmith can help you better understand the mechanics of your traditional lock and determine if any or all the components need to be replaced or if you need a lock change.

Security Features of Traditional Locks

The safety and security of your front door lock are critical, so what exactly makes traditional locks a viable option to keep your family and home secure? Many choose smart locks over standard ones simply because they believe traditional ones aren’t safe enough. However, inherent features in traditional locks still make them a safe and affordable option.

For example, most traditional locks are manufactured from steel, making them difficult to break or damage. If you lose your keys or suffer a break-in, your traditional lock can easily be rekeyed. High-security traditional locking mechanisms also feature several security features, including sturdy bolts that prevent forced entry.

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The Rise of Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming extremely popular across the country. In addition to, in many cases providing extra security to your home, office, or commercial space, these locks are available in a variety of sleek designs that can make your house or business look and feel more modern.

What Makes a Lock “Smart”?

You’ve heard the term “smart lock” but aren’t really sure exactly what that means. A smart lock is any type of lock that can be accessed by various prompts. What makes the lock smart is that you don’t need a physical key to lock or unlock the door. As mentioned above, the electromechanical lock can be triggered by various prompts – from a pin pad or keycard to even an app on your smartphone, google assistant, or Apple Watch!

Integration with Smart Home Systems

From smart thermostats and speakers to lightbulbs and even security cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your pets, several smart home devices just make life easier! Most smart locks feature easy smart home compatibility, allowing you complete control over your home’s safety – even when you are at work or away on vacation, thanks to remote locking technology. You can easily integrate this smart home device with other devices without being too tech-savvy!

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Comparing Security Features

Old habits can be tricky to overcome, and you are ready to determine if switching from traditional locks to state-of-the-art smart locks or electronic locks is the best idea for your family’s security needs and your budget. Your local locksmith in Denver, Colorado, is the best source of information on which type of lock is best and can provide you with different options at different price points.

Traditional Lock Security vs. Smart Lock Security

The security of your family is a top priority, and you want to ensure that you are making the best choice to protect your property and loved ones. There are security advantages to electronic locks vs traditional locks. Once again, traditional locks are sturdy; a burglar cannot unlock your door without the key. However, a knowledgeable thief can pick some older models of conventional locks.

An electronic lock or smart lock doesn’t require a key, which means you don’t need to worry about losing a key and someone accessing your home. Some types of smart locks offer monitoring, meaning you will be alerted if an unauthorized person tries to enter your property. There are also several types of tamper-proof smart locks.

The Role of Physical Keys in Security

Physical keys have been the gold standard for many years. Without the proper key, you cannot access a traditional lock. Additionally, if your keys are lost or stolen, you can rekey your door rather than installing a new lock. The pros at First Choice 24-Hour Locksmith can quickly rekey locks, saving you big on the cost of replacing one or two locks on your home. If you need your house rekeyed after a burglary and live in Aurora, CO, contact our 24 hour-locksmith service. We also offer commercial emergency locksmith service in the Denver Metro.

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The Convenience of Digital Door Locks

Let’s face it, carrying around a set of keys for your car, house, and business is clumsy. Smart door lock and digital door lock technology are constantly evolving, and thankfully, that has made getting into your home or office much faster and easier.

Keyless Entry with Digital Door Locks

Imagine a world where you can access your front door without fumbling for your keys and open the door quickly with any smart devices! Keyless convenience is one of the main reasons to integrate smart lock technology into your home security system. Instead of worrying about getting locked out of your house because you lost your keys, you can always access your home by opting for smart technology.

Remote Access and Control with Smart Door Locks

Whether you are at the office or on vacation, chances are the security of your home is always in the back of your mind. Thanks to smart lock technology, remote access and more control of your home’s security is possible. You can simply download an app on your smart device and remotely lock doors or even access footage of your front door, thanks to an integrated security camera.

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The Versatility of Electronic Locks

Are you considering renting out your home on the weekends to earn extra cash, or do you have family and friends who love to stay there for the weekend? Instead of making a spare key, or multiple spare keys, imagine the enhanced security and money you will save by granting access to your home with a keyless entry lock!

Temporary Access and Guest Passes

Keyless convenience allows you to allow temporary access to your family and guests. You can supply the code or grant temporary access through their fingerprint or an application on a smartphone. Once the guests leave, the electronic lock can be easily reconfigured.

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Making the Right Choice for Your Home

At First Choice 24-Hour Locksmith, we want you to decide which type of lock is best for your personal preferences and budget. In addition to explaining all the pros and cons of both traditional and electronic locks, we offer Littleton mobile locksmith, Denver commercial locksmith, and emergency locksmith services. Need a locksmith in Lakewood, Colorado? We provide top-notch services to your area, as well!

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People also ask

digital lockIs a digital lock better than a normal lock?

There are pros and cons to both digital and standard door locks. Digital door locks are more convenient but often expensive and not feasible if you need to replace several locks. Normal locks require you to carry keys, but their cost-effectiveness makes them more realistic, especially if you need to replace or upgrade several locks.

power outageWhat are some disadvantages of a digital lock?

The cost is one of the most significant downsides to a digital lock. Some models are unusable if there is a power outage. Additionally, you might have issues troubleshooting a broken lock if you are not technologically savvy. Finally, if you install a smart lock with a keypad, you risk forgetting your passcode!

digital lockIs digital lock worth it?

A digital door lock’s added security and convenience make it worthwhile for several people. If you have several smart features throughout your home and want to integrate a smart lock into your system, it can easily be accomplished by almost any locksmith.

secureAre digital locks more secure?

Generally, digital door locks are more secure than traditional locks that require a key to access your home or property. If you want to learn more about the pros of digital door locks or need any other locksmith services, simply type in the phrase ” locksmith near me,” and First Choice 24-Hour Locksmith will be at the top of the list!

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