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Tell Me the Importance of Workplace Security

Though office security may seem obvious, protection in the workplace must be reiterated to ensure your company thrives: security helps minimize external threats, protects your office’s valuable items, and protects your workforce.

In a secure office, it is possible to block and detect a threat before it becomes a problem, saving hundreds to thousands. If your offices are broken through faulty locks or broken windows, you could lose valuables such as desktop computers, printers, or TVs.

Padlock iconThe Basic Guide to Commercial Locks

There are security locks for exterior and interior doors. Exterior locks are generally more durable since they must withstand bad weather and potential break-ins,

while interior locks can be less heavy-duty.

For high-traffic areas, it is recommended to have a commercial locksmith inspect the door frame and existing hardware once a year to make sure it is still secure and even add new features for extra security.

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Learn About Commercial Grade Locks

BHMA (the Builders Home Manufacturers Association) determines the grade of a commercial lock. The lower the grade, the more durable and long-lasting the lock. The three grades are:

Grade 1: Best for high-security areas such as government buildings, schools, and hospitals.

Grade 2: Good for medium-security areas such as offices and retail stores.

Grade 3: Best for low-security areas such as a home or small shop.

If you’re unsure of the grade you need, a commercial locksmith can help determine the best safety level for your business.

The Different Types of High-Security Door Locks

Keypad lock iconKeypad Door Locks

Access Control Keypads, also known as keyless entry systems, are an affordable way to secure your business. These devices control and monitor the entrance of employees and visitors by assigning them a unique code. Most importantly, they prevent anyone outside your business from gaining access to the premises.

Mortise lock iconMortise Locks

Mortise locks are heavy-duty locks that are often used in commercial settings. Unlike other types of locks, mortise locks are not surface-mounted. They require a pocket or mortise to be cut into the door so that the lock body can be flush with the door’s surface.

Deadbolt lock iconElectronic Deadbolts

Electronic deadbolts are a great option if you are looking for an extra layer of security for your business. These locks require an electronic key to open the door, making them very difficult to pick.

Cylinder lock iconCylindrical Locks

The functions of a cylindrical lock are similar to those of a mortise. However, these locks are much easier to install and are, therefore, more prevalent in residential settings. Cylindrical locks are also less expensive than mortise locks.

Electric strike lock iconElectric strikes

Electric strikes are often used in conjunction with another type of lock, such as a deadbolt. When the strike is engaged, it prevents the bolt from moving, effectively locking the door.

Smart lock iconCommercial Smart Locks

Commercial smart locks are a relatively new type of lock that is becoming increasingly popular in businesses. These door locks offer the convenience of keyless entry while also providing a high level of security.

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Top ten badgeTop 10 Locks First Choice Locksmith Denver Recommend for Your Business

In entrepreneur’s terms, you are no stranger to responsibility. Ultimately the security of work should be incorporated into achieving this commitment. Developing a security system for businesses can deter burglary, prevent potential threats and help you save hundreds of dollars a year in costs.

Although office security systems are often complex in many ways, they all start with the locking mechanism. Almost every other security effort supports the initial defense line.

There are many brands of commercial door locks on the market, but not all of them are effective in providing security for your business.

These are our top 10 commercial door locks and brands that we recommend for businesses:

  1. Schlage FE595CS Electronic Keypad Lock
  2. Dynasty Door Hardware AUG-03-26D Lever Lockset
  3. VIZILOK C3FK Lock and Lever Privacy Indicator
  4. McAvory MKCMTCAL Commercial Mortise Lock for Storefront Door
  5. Master Lock SLCHKE26D Keyed Entry Lock
  6. Mutex ‎DLS2 Lever Lock
  7. Gimkok ‎S-806 Keyless Door Lock
  9. SMONET ‎SN-VBUS-ZNS-H001-SIL Fingerprint Lock
  10. Kwikset 99550-003 Lever Lock

Locksmith imageFirst Choice Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

Mechanical problems with door locks are common and can be very frustrating. Imagine, for example, that customers can’t enter your store in Park Meadows Mall because the doors won’t open or that you have lost the keys to your office in DTC.

At First Choice 24 Hr Locksmith Denver, we offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services. Our certified mobile locksmiths can help you with everything from installing new locks to repairing and replacing existing locks.

We also offer a variety of high-security locks, including a master key system, panic bars, and smart locks. We can even create custom security solutions for your business in the Denver Metro Area.

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Yes, we know you can purchase door hardware online, but what if the hardware doesn’t fit because the door is too narrow? Maybe the durability of the door knobs and hinges aren’t what you expected, and now the hardware is loose, or perhaps the brand you ordered isn’t reputable.

These are all things that can go wrong when you don’t consult with a professional locksmith in Denver first.

First Choice 24 Hr Locksmith Denver offers a free consultation to discuss your commercial locksmith needs. We will also provide a free quote for the services and door hardware you need. Contact us today at (720) 305-2886 to schedule your free consultation.

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You want to replace the keypad door locks in your office, but you don’t want to do it during business hours. You have a high traffic of people coming in and out of the store.

That’s no problem at First Choice 24 Hr Locksmith Denver. We propose after-hours appointments so you can get the door hardware you need without disrupting your business.

To book an appointment, fill out the short form on our website by choosing:

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