Why Are Mercedes Keys So Difficult to Duplicate?

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It’s not a secret that locksmiths in Denver and the entire country are having a difficult time doing Mercedes key duplication. This is because Mercedes has an anti-theft system that includes a unique transponder chip inside each key, which communicates with the car computer to prevent unauthorized access.

The chip must be programmed for the duplicate key to work correctly, and locksmiths usually lack the necessary tools or software to get the job done. This leaves owners to go to a Mercedes dealership, where they are charged more for a replacement key than they would be at an auto locksmith in Denver, CO.

Transponder car keyProgramming Transponder Keys is Not a Walk in the Park

The programming of transponder keys is not a task for the faint-hearted. Mercedes, BMW, and Audi all use different frequencies to program their transponder keys, so it’s almost impossible for locksmiths to keep up with them all.

This means that even if they have the right tools and software, they need to be experts in the field to understand how to program each of these key types properly. It’s also a more time-consuming process than regular car keys and can add an extra hour or two to the service.

In addition to all this, Mercedes cars also have a rolling code feature that changes the internal code every time the remote control is used. This is done to prevent unauthorized access, making Mercedes key duplication an even harder task for locksmiths.

Transponder car keys
Treat your car keys carefully!

Mercedes accredited locksmithWhat Are the Requirements to Become a Mercedes Locksmith?

To become a Mercedes locksmith, one must complete the following requirements:

Learning transponder key skills

Complete a Course in Diagnostic & Programming

Locksmiths should take an accredited course in automotive diagnostic and programming, such as the Automotive Locksmith Training Institute’s (ALTI) Automotive Key Programming & Diagnostics Certification Program.

This program equips technicians with the knowledge of how to use modern tools and software such as Xhorse for diagnosing and reprogramming keyless entry systems, immobilizers, and other related systems.

Expensive key cutting equipment and softwarePurchase Expensive Equipment and Software

In general, car keys made are not a cheap endeavor, especially for German vehicles like Mercedes. Therefore, locksmiths must invest in expensive equipment and software to provide quality car key replacement services.

Some of the required equipment includes an advanced key programming machine, information access system (IAS), electronic service information (ESI), diagnostic-programming systems, and special tools for dealing with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper, and VW cars that cost between $7,000 to $10,000.

Sets of car keysObtain a Full Stock of Keys

This is where it really becomes expensive! A stock of keys for German vehicles like Mercedes can cost up to $20,000. Locksmiths must obtain an entire inventory of all keys, including remotes, smart keys, and more.

Mercedes Benz CarDid We Mention How Many Models Mercedes Has?

There are about 25 models of Mercedes cars, with new ones being released every year. This means that a locksmith must stay updated on all the latest models and their specific requirements regarding car key replacement. It also requires an ongoing investment in educational training, equipment updates, and new keys every year.

Locksmith working on a MercedesGain Hands-On Experience

Auto locksmiths need to gain hands-on experience in programming and replacing Mercedes keys. This can be done through an apprenticeship or a technician assistant program that provides supervised training on the job.

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Mercedes owners know that the car key cost for these vehicles can be pretty expensive, let alone at a local dealership. That’s why we offer our mobile car key replacement services in Denver much cheaper than what you would pay at a dealership.

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