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kia locksmith denverAlthough the first model of the Kia car, the Kia Sephia, was not sold in the United States until 1994, the company has been manufacturing motor vehicles since the 1940s. Whether you need a car key replacement, lockout services, or need the ignition switch replaced on your BMW, Ford, or Kia in the Denver metro area, First Choice 24HR Locksmith is ready and waiting to go the extra mile to meet all your car key replacement and automotive locksmith service needs.

kia car keys and remotesWhat Type of Key Do I Need for My Kia?

If you are in need of a Kia car key replacement, it is first important to determine which type of car key you will need for your make and model of Kia vehicle.

kia blank keyMechanical keys

Most car manufacturers utilized a type of mechanical key at some point. A basic mechanical key resembles a house key, while a laser-cut key is longer and has grooves engraved along the key’s shaft. The key is intended to both start the car and will also fit inside any lock on the automobile.

kia transponder iconTransponder keys

Introduced in the 1990s and 2000s to the majority of Kia models, transponder keys feature a tiny chip embedded in the key. To access and start your vehicle, the transponder key must be present. Unlike most types of mechanical keys that can be replaced at a local home improvement store, you must contact professional locksmiths to service your lost or broken transponder key.

kia proximity keylessProximity Fobs

Otherwise known as keyless entry, a proximity fob allows you to unlock your doors without pulling out the keys. You can also simply press a button to open the doors, open the trunk, and on several models of Kias, start your vehicle. If you live in the Denver, CO, area, you know how much of a lifesaver that remote start feature can be on a cold winter morning!

kia remotes and car keys
Kia Car Keys, Remotes & Ignition Services in Denver, CO

What Auto Locksmith Services Do You Offer Kia Owners?

Here at First Choice 24HR Locksmith, we provide you with a wide variety of automotive locksmith services, including:

kia car key replacement iconGot a Problem with Your Car Keys? We Can Help!

Whether you need a car key replacement, replacement of lost or stolen key fobs, key blanks, key duplication, or you need to have a key code program entered into your replacement key fob; our locksmiths are available in the Denver area to meet any and all of your car key replacement needs.

Not to mention, we also have excellent prices and professional staff, and we can meet you at any location in the Denver area to provide you with the replacement key for your car!

kia lockout denver coLockout service in Denver, CO

In addition to our stellar car key replacement services, we also offer lockout services in the Denver area. If you ever find yourself completely locked out of your Kia SUV or car in your own driveway or the side of the road in our service area, we will be there to quickly get you back into your car for far less than the cost of working with a mechanic or dealership.

kia ignition replacement denverIgnition Switch services

It is not uncommon for a broken key to get stuck in the ignition switch. If this ever happens to you, we will fix the problem. We have some of the best prices in Denver and can remove the key from the ignition switch in your car in a matter of minutes.

If your mechanical key gets stuck in a broken door lock, you need a replacement key fob or a duplicate or whole new key for your car; we will dispatch an auto locksmith to anywhere in our service zone to get you back on the road for the lowest cost possible!

Give Us a Call for Any Car Key Replacement!

Cars are a necessary part of life, and if you ever need a lost or stolen car key replacement or the key is stuck in any of the locks on your car, our mobile auto locksmith will be there to help. Unlike other locksmiths, we are available 24 hours a day and all seven days of the week to hand you a new set of car keys, a new key fob, unlock your car, or provide just about any car locksmith service you could possibly need!

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