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You are rushing out to work on a cold morning or trying to pick up the kids from soccer practice when the worst possible thing occurs: You cannot start your car, access your Ford key, or you have simply accidentally locked yourself out of your car.

From a Ford King Ranch to an Explorer, Edge, Bronco, or Mustang, if you require Ford key replacement services, we are here to help with each and every lock and locks service imaginable.

ford car keys denverCar key replacement service in Denver

You’re trapped at work, home, or even on the side of the highway and need your Ford car, truck, or SUV’s key replaced. No matter what the year, make, or model of the car, we are available 24/7 to meet all of your Ford key replacement needs.

ford key extraction denverThe key broke or stuck in the ignition or trunk

In addition to creating a replacement transponder car key, laser cut key, or replacing or repairing your key fob, the professionals at First Choice 24Hr Locksmith are there to provide you with a very wide variety of locksmith services. Amongst them is removing your key that is jammed or even broken off in the ignition.

Our mobile locksmiths will be dispatched to your location, and the technicians will either remove the car key from the ignition or replace the entire ignition switch. Don’t worry because if the ignition switch or ignition system needs to be replaced, our professional locksmiths can swap out the parts in a matter of minutes. Even if the car key is stuck in your trunk, we are there 24/7 to get the car key unstuck in a matter of minutes!

ford lockout denver coCar lockout services

It is an unfortunate truth that if you own a vehicle, you will get locked out of your cars, trucks, or SUVs at some point. Luckily, the professionals at First Choice 24Hr Locksmith are available 24/7 to get you comfortably back into your vehicle and back on the road.

Which Types of Keys Are Typically Used by Ford SUV, Car, and Truck Owners?

From the Model A, which was first rolled off Henry Ford’s production line in 1903, to the latest models of hybrid and electric cars, Ford has always been at the forefront of vehicle technology. The type of car key you require is dependent on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

ford blank key madeMechanical key

The majority of Ford keys for vehicles manufactured before 1995 were a basic mechanical car key. This car key resembled a house key and was manually inserted into the door lock or ignition switch to access and start the vehicle.

ford tibbe key madeTibbe keys

A Tibbe key was introduced in the 1980s, and because of the key’s unique design, it was manufactured exclusively for several models of Ford and Jaguar. The key’s unique and difficult-to-duplicate cylindrical shape made it almost impossible to replicate at a local hardware store.

If you have an older model Ford or Jaguar that features a Tibbe key, contact First Choice 24Hr Locksmith services. We have the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide a Tribbe car key replacement.

ford transponder key denverTransponder key

Like the majority of automotive manufacturers, Ford began introducing the transponder key after 1995 on most of its makes and models. A transponder key features an electronic chip that, when activated, sends a signal to the vehicle’s internal computer. The introduction of this electronic chip added an additional level of safety and peace of mind.

ford laser cutting denverLaser cut key

Several varieties of Ford vehicles, particularly older model cars, trucks, and some SUVS, come with a laser cut key. The key features grooves cut into the key’s shaft, making the key very difficult to duplicate. Once again, if your Ford vehicle features a laser-cut key, the key replacement can only be handled by professional locksmith services.

If you have broken or lost Ford car keys or want a set of duplicate keys, First Choice 24Hr Locksmith services are reliable, affordable, and the best option available to create a replacement laser cut key.

ford smart key programmingSmart Key/Proximity FOBS

Believe it or not, the first proximity fobs, which allow owners to unlock their car without taking their keys out of their pockets or purse, was first introduced in 1993! The majority of today’s Ford models were introduced throughout America and Europe with a smart key or proximity fob.

If your proximity FOB becomes damaged, is lost, or you simply cannot figure out how to replace the batteries, we are here to help. The fantastic team at First Choice 24Hr Locksmith has the expertise to provide you with a replacement FOB at an affordable rate.

Instead of contacting the manufacturer or your local dealership, we can do the job and replace your proximity fob.

ford locksmith denverDenver Locksmiths Providing High-Level Ford Key Replacement Services

If you want reliable, fast, high-level Ford SUV or car key replacement services in the Denver and Highlands Ranch areas, look no further than First Choice 24Hr Locksmith service to meet all of your locksmithing needs. However, our skillset goes far beyond replacing a broken key, replacing lost key fobs, or getting you a new set of transponder, Tibbe, or any other type of Ford keys!

In addition to replacing the keys for your Ford SUV or car, First Choice 24Hr Locksmith is staffed with excellent technicians who can perform a wide range of services.

With an ideal and convenient location in the greater Denver area, our locksmiths have the expertise necessary to get you back into your locked car or SUV, remove a broken key from the ignition switch, perform other ignition repairs, and even get you back into your home or apartment after you’ve been locked out!

ford locksmith denverHow Do I Purchase a Replacement Key for My Ford Vehicle?

There are instances in life when you need to replace your original key with a new key fob, mechanical key, Tibbe key, or transponder key for your Ford Crown Victoria, Explorer, Ranger, or F150. Luckily, our Red Rocks locksmith, Castle Rock locksmith, and Denver locksmith services can provide you with an entirely new key at the most affordable rate.

Mechanical Ford key replacement

If you need a brand-new mechanical key, our locksmith service in Denver will go the extra mile to create a replacement key in a matter of minutes. It is typically very inexpensive to replace mechanical Ford keys. Our mobile units will have the tools needed to give you a new key on the spot.

Ford Transponder car key replacement

If you lose your transponder key, don’t worry because you can simply pick up your phone and give us a call to make an appointment. We can replace your transponder car key much faster and for far less money than your local dealership.

ford key services in denver
The Best Ford Locksmith in Denver, CO

denver ford key fobFord Key FOB and Keyless Entry FOB car key replacement

Unfortunately, if your range key FOB becomes lost or severely damaged and you require a replacement key, it can often be trickier to have the key replaced. To begin, get a hold of First Choice 24Hr Locksmith to determine your first step. Typically, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the Ford truck, car, or SUV before a new proximity FOB will be provided.

However, don’t worry because this is a quick and painless process that can be quickly completed in a matter of hours.

No matter what type of Ford SUV or car key replacement services you require, we are here to help. Our company representatives and technicians are available any time, day or night, and can be reached both online and over the phone.

hire a locksmith in denverShould I Hire a Locksmith or Head to My Nearest Ford Dealership?

Your Ford key fob is busted, your Ford keys need to be replaced, or you are the unfortunate victim of a car lockout. What do you do next?

Sure, you could contact your dealership and spend a small fortune on a new set of keys. Instead, save your money, and if you need a Ford key replacement, the locks replaced or repaired on your car, or simply want the best service possible for the money, contact First Choice 24Hr Locksmith for all of your Ford SUV or car key replacement, Ford key FOB repair or replacement, or locksmith service needs.

We are available any time of the day to provide you with a brand-new Ford key fob, a new transponder, or a Tibbe car key, or simply want to be able to get back into your locked car or trunk; we are here to help.

Our past satisfied customers can attest to our fast and friendly service and affordability. Our prices are far less than your local Ford dealership, which makes calling us for a car key replacement service, lockout service, ignition repair, replacement service, and much more the smart choice.

What Are You Waiting For? We Make All Car Keys!

Whether your Ford keys are broken or missing, you require a total car key replacement, need the locks replaced on your Ford SUV or car, we are ready and willing to help. The professionals at First Choice 24Hr Locksmith service have the tools, skills, and equipment necessary to finish the job.

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