Staying Safe in Denver: A Comprehensive Guide by First Choice Locksmith

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At First Choice Locksmith, we prioritize your safety and security. With the current crime rates around Denver International Airport, we believe providing you with a comprehensive guide to staying safe in Denver and its surrounding areas is essential.

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Understanding the Crime Rate in Denver

Before we delve into safety measures, it’s crucial to understand the crime rate in Denver, especially around the Denver International Airport. Various sources provide an overview of the crime rate in this area:

  • Niche offers a detailed breakdown of the types of crimes committed.
  • Denver Crimes provides a neighborhood-specific view of crime.
  • Travel Lemming provides a general safety guide for Denver.
  • Neighborhood Scout includes crime statistics for Denver as a whole.
  • Denver Gazette reports on specific crime trends near the airport.

“For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider reaching out to local law enforcement agencies.”

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First Choice Locksmith: Your Partner in Safety

At First Choice Locksmith, we offer various services to ensure your safety and security. Whether you’re in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, Lakewood, or Littleton, we’re here to help.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services are available 24/7 to assist you in any lock-related emergencies. We understand that emergencies can happen anytime and are here to provide prompt and efficient services.

Automotive Services

With the rise in vehicle thefts, our automotive services are more crucial than ever. We offer car key replacement and other automotive locksmith services to ensure the security of your vehicle.

Residential and Commercial Services

Protecting your home and business is our priority. Our residential and commercial locksmith services are designed to provide maximum security for your properties.

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Locksmith Services at Denver International Airport

We offer specialized Denver Airport locksmith services for those near Denver International Airport. Whether you’re a traveler or a resident, we’re here to ensure your safety and security.

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Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency and honesty. You can check our pricing for all our services on our website. We ensure competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services.

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Stay Updated with Our Blog

Stay informed about the latest safety tips and locksmith services by visiting our blog. We regularly update it with valuable information to help you stay safe and secure.

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Our Services

At First Choice Locksmith, we offer various services to cater to your every need. We have got you covered from residential to commercial, automotive to emergency. Explore our services to find the one that suits your requirements.

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Evictions can be a challenging process. Our professional eviction locksmith services ensure a smooth transition, providing security for landlords and property managers during this difficult time.

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Have you lost your car keys? Don’t worry. Our critical car replacement service is quick and efficient and quickly gets you back on the road.

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Why Choose First Choice Locksmith?

Choosing the right locksmith is crucial for your safety and security. Here’s why First Choice Locksmith should be your first choice:

  • 24/7 Availability: We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 services to assist you whenever you need us.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises experienced professionals trained to handle various locksmith services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide top-notch services to all our clients.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for all our services. Check out our pricing for more details.
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First Choice Locksmith: Your Trusted Partner in Security

Security is a fundamental aspect of our lives, and at First Choice Locksmith, we understand this better than anyone. With our vast range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be your trusted partner in ensuring your safety and security in Denver and its surrounding areas.

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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our services. We employ experienced professionals who are well-versed in handling various locksmith services. Whether it’s a residential lockout situation, a commercial security upgrade, or an automotive lock issue, our team is equipped to handle it efficiently and effectively.

TimeOur 24/7 Availability

We understand that emergencies can occur at anytime, so we offer 24/7 emergency services. Whether in the middle of the night or during a holiday, you can count on us to be there when you need us the most.

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We believe in offering high-quality services at competitive prices. You can check out our pricing for more details. We strive to provide value for money to all our clients.

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Denver’s Crime Rates: A Concerning Uptick Amid the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, Denver, Colorado’s largest city, is grappling with an alarming increase in crime rates. The city has seen a significant rise in criminal activities, particularly car thefts, making it one of the most crime-ridden metropolitan areas in the United States, according to a recent report by the Common Sense Institute.

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Denver’s Crime Rates: A Comparative Analysis

The report reveals that Denver’s average monthly crime rate in 2022 was 43% higher than in 2019 and 75% higher than in 2008. The city also ranked third in the nation for car thefts, with nearly 15,000 vehicles stolen in 2022 alone. In perspective, the number of stolen cars could fill all the parking lots surrounding Empower Field during three Broncos home games.

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Denver’s Crime Situation: A Statewide Perspective

Denver’s crime situation is notably worse than the rest of Colorado’s. “Denver is still in the midst of a dangerous wave harming victims, ravaging the economy, and preventing the city from flourishing,” said Kelly Caufield, Executive Director of the Common Sense Institute. The report, which utilized crime data from local and federal sources, including the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, found that Denver’s crime rate was 58% higher than the Colorado average in 2022. Historically, it has been about 28% higher than the state average.

Colorado’s Response to the Crime Wave

The escalating crime rates, especially the surge in car thefts, prompted Colorado Governor Jared Polis to call for stricter penalties for car theft in January. This appeal came less than two years after Polis signed legislation reducing the penalty for certain car theft offenses. The governor’s 2021 legislation revamped Colorado’s misdemeanor laws, including a provision that classified stealing a car worth less than $2,000 as a Class 1 misdemeanor. However, most vehicles stolen in Colorado are valued at the lower end of the scale, with 85.6% of stolen vehicles valued at less than $25,000 and 63.5% valued at less than $15,000, according to a 2022 report from the Common Sense Institute.

Proposed Legislation to Address Car Theft

In response to the current law, which bases the penalty on the value of the stolen vehicle, Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Bob Gardner proposed legislation to tie the sentence to behavior, mainly targeting repeat offenders. The proposed changes aim to alleviate the burden on low-income residents, for whom an inexpensive car may be their only means of transportation.

Denver’s Mayoral Race Amid the Crime Wave

The release of the Common Sense Institute’s report is critical, as 17 candidates are vying to replace Michael Hancock as Denver’s mayor. “Our goal is to provide the data and facts so policymakers and elected officials can better understand the impact crime has on the city and develop solutions to combat the challenge,” said Caufield. “Ahead of the April elections, we also want to make sure Denver voters have the facts about the depth and breadth of the crime plaguing our city.”

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At First Choice Locksmith, your safety is our priority. We strive to provide top-notch locksmith services to ensure your security in Denver and its surrounding areas. Contact us today for any locksmith needs you may have.

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